ADD-ON Classes

The following classes and experiences are on Monday, after the completion of our 3 day course.  If you're that much of an Aquaponiac, we've got more for you!



Business Plan Writing and Website Development

On Monday we will hold a one day add on class that will cover business plan writing and getting a website setup.  We'll walk you though some questions to help your business come closer to reality and show you how to set up a squarespace website (on a 14 day free trial).   By the end of the day, you'll have your business sketched out, the beginnings of a website, and the knowledge to complete both projects!

Taught by Barry Solomon, Ouroboros Farms Marketing Director.

9:00am - 2:00pm.



AquaChronic - How to grow Legal Organic Cannabis with Aquaponics

This 1 day add-on course will include all you need to know in order to grow legal organic cannabis Aquaponically. There are some tricks and certain construction considerations when choosing to grow in this manner.  We will teach you how and you'll produce the purest product possible, using fewer resources and increasing growth.  It's not just Chronic, its AquaChronic!

*There will be no cannabis at this class.  Must be 21 or older.


Legal stuff; Grow Room Planning and Security; Required Equipment and Recommended Equipment; Cannabis and Plant Tending; Nutrients and Chemistry; Disease and Pest Control; Harvesting and Curing; Edibles and Hash Making from Trim; Common Mistakes;  Questions / Q n A

Taught by Steve Raisner, Aquaponic Cannabis Expert and AquaChronic Lead Instructor

9:00am - 5:00pm


Minimum of 3 Participants, we need to fly Steve in for the Class.


Ken's Sidekick

Ride along with the Big Fish himself as he makes the delivery rounds to our food partners.  Depending on the orders, the route takes 2-3 hours. See face to face interaction with chefs and our online produce distributor and how the distribution side of the business works.  Also get to ask all the questions you can imagine.

Only room for 1 in the van.  A unique experience



Aquaponic Aloe Vera

Aquaponic Medicinal Herbs


Have you always wanted to grow organic medicinal herbs, sustainably and purely? Well look no further. 

We are happy to announce our Aquaponic Medicinal Herb Class. In this class you will learn about a wide range of medicinal plants and how to use them. 

From Aloe Vera to Yerba Maté and plethora in between. We cover many different planting methods and how they are used to maximize growth in each species, learning a few useful growing methods and chemistry.  How to properly grow useful herbs in Aquaponics specifically, and how to properly make use of your harvested herbs.  Be it salves, concentrates, smokeables, and MUCH MUCH more.

9:00am - 4:00pm