A Comprehensive Aquaponic Farming Course - Taught by Industry Experts

The  Aquaponic farming experience

Special 3 Day Aquaponic Farming Course

Ouroboros Farms, Half Moon Bay, California

July 19-21, 2019

 September 13-15, 2019

November 8-10, 2019

From Farmer's Markets to Michelin Stars. System Construction to Farm Management. Learn to Build, Run, and Manage a Commercial Aquaponics Farm from Experts in the Industry. 


Ouroboros Farms isn't just A DESTINATION.


We Welcome you to our farm.

We've had the Honor and Responsibility of providing Aquaponically grown produce to local restaurants and individuals for over 7 years.

We want to share our experience with you.

Farmer to Farmer

Our Urban Farm and Educational Center 30 minutes from Downtown San Francisco provides a unique opportunity to experience Commercial Aquaponics on the edge of Silicon Valley. We are pioneering solutions to the farming needs of our future. Come experience how YOU will be the answer when people begin asking...

Who IS my Farmer?

Farm to Table (30 feet)

On Saturday night, we'll serve you a 3 course meal, every plate a culinary journey through Ouroboros Farms. Produce and fish harvested fresh that day by the class and prepared by Chef Norman Tiedemann exclusively for you. It's all part of the Experience


About Aquaponics


As the world changes and resources become scarce, it is imperative that we use what is available to us in the most ethical and  sustainable means possible.  Aquaponics is one of those solutions.

The ability to grow perishable foods closer to the end user in a way that is more land and water efficient than modern soil agriculture, makes Aquaponic Farms perfectly suited for urban areas, as well as those in resource scarce environments.  This ensures quality, freshness, higher nutritional value, longevity, and reduced waste.

As individuals come to realize we have contracted our food production system to large corporations, who may not have as their top priority healthy nutritious food, people are seeking ways to enhance food security and food sovereignty.  Aquaponics provides a solution, and we want to expand upon your own curiosity and knowledge by sharing ours.

This Aquaponic Farming Experience will take you on a journey of discovery about how Aquaponics can be used to provide food security for your family, or start a business selling the abundance beyond your own needs.

We are a family owned and operated farm, and have been teaching others how to grow Aquaponically from the backyard scale up to commercial farms for years.  We partner with other Aquaponic practitioners to provide a broad base of experience for our attendees.  We've always been about cooperation and putting principals on par with profits.

Whether you are looking to set up backyard system to provide for your family, or want to know how many plants per square foot you can produce per year in a given space with particular climatic conditions...there is value here for you.  Whatever your level, we all learn when we come together and share our experiences, our dreams, our futures.  Farmer to Farmer.




Farmer Ken Armstrong

BIG FISH, Lead Instructor

Owner and Founder of Ouroboros Farms, Ken has been living the commercial Aquaponics dream for the last 7 years.  Ken's enthusiasm and passion for Aquaponics and sustainable food systems comes through in the presentations and tours, as he relates his experiences running the longest continually operational commercial farm as well as one of the largest Aquaponics facilities in the United States. He has shared his experience as the Keynote Speaker at the 2016 Aquaponics Association conference, as well as presentations at Google, Etsy, Air B&B, Sandisk and NetApp helping to inspire the Tech world to invest in sustainable agricultural systems.

Farmer Alex Boenig

OVERSEER, Farm Manager, Instructor

Owner and Farm Manager of Ouroboros Farms, Alex brings his Environmental Engineering degree and management skills to Aquaponics. Alex is responsible for production and managing the farm and its living vibrancy is a direct result.  His passion and expertise is evidenced in the quality of our products which our customers have come to love and appreciate.


Farmer Sofia Doria-Quesada

Retail Manager, Instructor

Farmer Haley Schmoyer

Sower of Seeds, Instructor